Find Engaging Gifts for Creative Tweens

Do you have a budding photographer or filmmaker?  An artist or crafter-in-training? If the tween in your life is creative, this is the perfect age to skip the “kiddie kits” and introduce higher quality creative supplies.   These are some of my favorite gifts for those kids who are ready for more grown-up ideas, but still young enough to enjoy the fun of playing with a new toy.   Engaging Gifts … Continue reading →

Make German Stars for Christmas

How to Make German Star Ornaments for Christmas | Carla Schauer Designs

I sipped my hot cocoa and watched their fingers fly, creasing and tucking the paper strips over and around and through, while the Christmas carols played and they chatted.  I was mystified at how the paper twisted and folded into shape, while my seven-year-old fingers snitched another strip of paper from the pile and bent it back and forth in a simple accordian fold.   By the time I was … Continue reading →

When Good Craft Supplies Go Bad

Can you fix broken craft supplies? | When good craft supplies go bad.

You’ve been waiting all day for that precious block of time that’s just for you.  It’s finally here, and with a sigh of relief you get out your new grown-up coloring book and your fancy markers and start your “me-time”.  Happily coloring along, you uncap your pretty robin’s egg marker and get a patch of barely-there blue.  What?  No, the blue can’t be dry.  Aargh, dried markers aren’t relaxing at all! … Continue reading →

Free Patriotic Sparkler Holder Printables

Make July 4th Sparkler Holders. These free printables from Carla Schauer Designs coordinate with another free printable patriotic project, and a full Stars & Stripes printable party!

Are sparklers a must for your July 4th cookout?  Rather than just tossing the sparkler boxes in a pile on a side table, make them a part of your decor with these free patriotic sparkler holder printables.  Combine with Stars & Stripes Printable Kit and Patriotic Medallions to coordinate your party decorations.   Download, print, and cut out sparkler holders. Use a craft knife or scissors to cut a slit … Continue reading →

DIY Watercolor Wedding Thank You Notes

So pretty! Customize wedding thank you notes with watercolors. |Carla Schauer Designs

So, you are DIY’ing your wedding. Yay you!  It’s a great way to save some money so you can splurge in other areas, and create a day that is completely your own.  Thank-you notes are a great project to make yourself, since a little customization can make a big impact. But while watercolor wedding thank you notes may be inexpensive, they definitely don’t look cheap.  And imperfection is part of … Continue reading →