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Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet and Earrings

Beaded Bracelet and Earring Set by Carla Schauer. Tutorial at carlaschauer.com

I admit, I can’t have enough beaded bracelets.  They’re easy to slip on when I need to look put together outside the studio during the day, and transition well to more formal occasions as well. Since it usually wraps around the wrist several times, a memory wire bracelet can also give you the trendy stacked bracelet look without needing to have a whole jewelry box full of individual bangles. I … Continue reading

Experimenting with Acrylic Paint

Layered Acrylic Paint Background. Experimenting with Art Blog Series from Carla Schauer Designs.

Week 1 of The Great Art Supply Experiment is in the books. Whew!  Here’s what I made in this week’s experiment– the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you’re just tuning in, you can find all the “what“s and “why“s at The Great Art Supply Experiment Introduction.  I’m trying some new things, picking up my art supplies, and having fun, learning along the way.  No rules, anything goes! Confession: I … Continue reading

Cincinnati Library MakerSpace-Creative Field Trip

Laser engrave designs on wood, glass or acrylic. Tour a MakerSpace with Carla Schauer Designs.

So if I told you there was a place you could go to print and cut large scale vinyl, engrave or cut wood (or acrylic or glass!), 3D print almost anything you could need, sew a costume, or record a song, would you want to go with me?  So did my family! In fact, within a few days we were visiting the new Cincinnati Library MakerSpace. Like a workshop, lab, … Continue reading

The Great Art Supply Experiment

Follow along and actually use the art supplies you bought. A creative art experimentation series with Carla Schauer at carlaschauer.com.

I’m making a mess, and I hope you’ll join me. I’ll talk about what I’m doing in a minute, but first a quick story about a duo named Kermit and Larry. The Digital Art Story Once upon a time, there was a little green guy. He wasn’t much to look at, kind of oblong, a little flat, buggy eyes…oh, and did I mention he wore a crown?  My friends and I named … Continue reading

Love-Themed Cake Stand

Make a love-themed cake stand using this tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs.

Looking for a love-themed cake or cupcake stand for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary?  Why not make one from terra-cotta flower pots?  A red and white striped cake stand is one of those pieces that is worth keeping around the house.  It works for several holidays and multiple party themes, with just a change in trim.  In fact, this cake stand used to look very different! Last month I showed … Continue reading