12 Tween Travel Tips to Banish Bad Attitudes

Tweens love to take their own photos, and are at a great age to have their own cameras. Great tween travel tips at Carla Schauer Designs

No one likes to be trapped with a whiny, bad attitude for hours in a car.  And it’s even worse when the kids do it!  Kidding aside, grumpiness is contagious so it’s better to banish it before it begins.  Use my favorite tween travel tips before and during your trip to keep them involved, interested, and engaged.  They’ll be happier and so will you! Tween Travel Tips – Before You … Continue reading →

Make a Slim Leather Wallet–Easy DIY Gift for Men

Leather slim wallet tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs. Make in 15 minutes? Wow!

I’m 99.62% certain my husband wants the same gifts for Father’s Day that I wanted for Mother’s Day: cold beer afternoon alone in hammock zero responsibilities But since I’m trying not to raise a flock of wild heathen children, I want to make sure the kids understand thoughtful gift giving along with the need to show their dad how appreciated he is.   We decided to make a slim leather wallet … Continue reading →

Make a Coloring Page Bookmark

Make a bookmark using finished coloring pages. Instructions at carlaschauer.com

Adult coloring books are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, but what do you do with the finished pages besides framing them or leaving them closed up in the coloring books?  You can craft with them, including making this coloring page bookmark from your finished colored designs.  You can see your pretty pages every day, without taking up the space a full framed page needs. … Continue reading →

Road Trip Travel Binder for Tweens

Make a Tween Travel Binder | Carla Schauer Designs. Cute binder instructions and links to free tween travel game printables.

Are we there yet? How much longer until we get there? Mom! He’s squishing me! Not your idea of a fantastic road trip?  Me either.  That’s why I do my best to head off the whining before it has a chance to start with a road trip travel binder for tweens.   I’ve told you why we (mostly) don’t use electronics on road trips and try to use more old-school … Continue reading →

A Case of the Mondays Coloring Book

A Case of the Mondays Coloring Book by Carla Schauer. A hilarious coloring book for real life!

Holy hand cramps, Batman!  My coloring book is finally finished.  I feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein.  “It’s Aliiiiive!”   It’s been a labor of love, and sarcasm, but my A Case of the Mondays adult coloring book is finally ready for purchase.     About A Case of the Mondays There are more coloring books out there telling you to shine and dream than you can shake a colored pencil … Continue reading →