Favorite Supplies for Coloring and Lettering

My favorite supplies for coloring and hand lettering. Carla Schauer Designs

What are your favorite supplies for coloring? It’s a question I get all the time, especially once people know I designed my own snarky coloring book.  While the range of art products available can have you wandering the craft store for hours, I do have some go-to favorites that I reach for most often when I want to color pages or stamped images.     I’ve also added a list … Continue reading →

Favorite Craft Supplies and Tools

My favorite creative supplies for art and crafting. Carla Schauer Designs

I often get questions about the creative supplies and tools I use to make my art and DIY projects.  While I have a pile of found and saved items in a corner waiting to be transformed, and will use whatever is handy to complete my projects, I do have some favorite craft supplies and tools I reach for first.  I’m happy to share my tried and tested list in hopes … Continue reading →

Find Engaging Gifts for Creative Tweens

Do you have a budding photographer or filmmaker?  An artist or crafter-in-training? If the tween in your life is creative, this is the perfect age to skip the “kiddie kits” and introduce higher quality creative supplies.   These are some of my favorite gifts for those kids who are ready for more grown-up ideas, but still young enough to enjoy the fun of playing with a new toy.   Engaging … Continue reading →

When Good Craft Supplies Go Bad

Can you fix broken craft supplies? | When good craft supplies go bad. carlaschauer.com

You’ve been waiting all day for that precious block of time that’s just for you.  It’s finally here, and with a sigh of relief you get out your new grown-up coloring book and your fancy markers and start your “me-time”.  Happily coloring along, you uncap your pretty robin’s egg marker and get a patch of barely-there blue.  What?  No, the blue can’t be dry.  Aargh, dried markers aren’t relaxing at … Continue reading →