The only thing worse than battling the endless cycle of household chores is battling over whose turn it is to do each of those household chores.  With these DIY Family Chore Chart Magnets made from bottlecaps, each person’s responsibilities are colorfully and clearly marked.  From dusting to dishes to doggie doody duty, there’s no more daily discussion. 😉

Get my free printable chore circles (and a blank version to add your own extras) after the tutorial below, and get the spring cleaning started.

Free Printables for Chore Magnets. Cute printables and tutorial for bottlecap magnets. | Carla Schauer Designs

Print chores onto cardstock.


You will need:

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Cute free printables to make family chore chart magnets. Maybe this will finally keep us organized! |

Punch circles from printed sheets.


To Make Family Chore Chart Magnets:

Download the printable center circles to your computer and print onto sturdy white card stock.  Add chore labels to blank circles if desired, and punch out with 1in. circle punch.  I made sure there are some chore-free days for everyone.  Yay sanity!

Once all the chore circles are ready, it’s time to make the magnet fronts.  Assembly-line-style works well for this type of project, rather than trying to make each one individually. Add a pea-sized dot of glue to the center indent of the bottlecaps 8-10 at a time, then press paper circles securely into glue.

*tip- any excess glue can be “rolled” off the metal once the glue is dry using a toothpick or glue eraser.

Once the glue has dried completely, add epoxy circles over paper to protect against wear or messy kitchen spills.  Hold circles by the edges to prevent fingerprints on the adhesive, and press firmly into place.


Bottlecaps + free printables + epoxy circles = Family organization. Yay! Finally, a system we can stick with! |

Hold epoxy circles on sides to avoid fingerprints.


Make chore chart magnets from bottlecaps and epoxy circles. Great tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs

Epoxy circles protect printable centers.


Make DIY Family Chore Chart Magnets. Great family system, plus the printables are free. I can do this! | tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs

DIY Family Chore Chart Magnets.


In batches of 8-10, attach magnets to back of bottlecaps.  Place a small dot of glue in the center of each cap, and firmly press a magnet into the glue.  Set each magnet aside to dry completely according to manufacturer’s instructions.

*tip:  Magnets will try to stick together, so having a metal surface for them until the glue dries is a good way to keep them apart.  A baking sheet or cooling rack is great for this purpose.

DIY Family Chore Chart Magnets from Bottlecaps! Adorable, and will keep us organized for good! | Printables and tutorial from

Glue magnets to back of bottlecaps.


Add your family chore chart magnets to a painted baking sheet, the refrigerator, or a magnetic dry-erase board labeled with each family member’s name.  Add a sense of accomplishment for the littler ones (and maybe the big ones!) by adding a “done” column to move magnets to after finishing.

Download the printable chore circles

You will need to use the free Adobe Reader Software to open and print the file.  Use the link to download below, then get started!

Download Art by Carla Schauer



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How to make family chore chart magnets using bottlecaps and printables. I can make these! | Tutorial and printables from


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