Paint a wooden birdhouse and add flower buttons for a bright spring “garden” decoration.  I love unfinished wood pieces, because I can make them into anything I’d like with a little acrylic paint and a few embellishments.  I’ll tell you how I made my birdhouse, and you can enter to win prizes from Buttons Galore & More!

Spring floral painted birdhouse with buttons from Carla Schauer Designs

For this Buttons Galore & More Challenge, I started with a plain wood post-style birdhouse purchased from a craft store.  I always like to sand these because they can be a bit rough to start.

Unpainted Spring Birdhouse from Carla Schauer DesignsApplying acrylic paint to birdhouse-Carla Schauer Designs

Then I picked up my Decoart Americana Acrylics (see my acrylic paint storage here) and some small brushes and got to work painting the sections of the birdhouse.  Also, I went back and resanded the piece after this photo was taken with a smaller grit sandpaper, since I wasn’t happy with the roughness that remained.

Acrylic painted spring birdhouse from Carla Schauer Designs

Once I had all the sections painted, I added a chevron line across the bottom of each side of the roof to add another layer of detail.   I then went over the entire house with a dry fan brush and some Whitewash acrylic paint to bring all the colors together and add a bit of a weathered look.  birdhouse-side_webOnce the base painting was finished, it was time to add my button flower garden!  A tiny detail brush and green paint were used to create the flower stems on both sides of the birdhouse.  Then, I went back to the same birdhouse colors to paint in the flowers themselves, making three of the flowers large enough to accommodate the Buttons Galore & More Sweetheart micro button centers.  Once I glued on the micro buttons and the flower buttons from the Mixed Grab Bag, my birdhouse was complete.


See what the other Buttons Galore & More designers did with birdhouses using the links below.   Here’s how you can win.

How to win a Buttons and Birdhouse Prize:

  •  A commenter on Buttons Galore & More blog post will win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card, and a $10 pair of FISKARS scissors (yay!)
  •  Two random commenters on the designers’ blogs will get a package of buttons. (So make sure to leave a comment here, and on the other links!)
  • The designer with the most votes on the Buttons Galore & More blog post will win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.  (Vote for one of the awesome designer birdhouses when you comment on the BGM post, we love coffee!)

Buttons Birdhouse Blog Party

Buttons Galore & More

Carla Schauer (me)
Laura B
Laura K

Enjoy the button and birdhouse inspiration!


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