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Not your idea of a fantastic road trip?  Me either.  That’s why I do my best to head off the whining before it has a chance to start with a road trip travel binder for tweens.

Make a Tween Travel Binder | Carla Schauer Designs. Cute binder instructions and links to free tween travel game printables.

Make a Tween Travel Binder | Carla Schauer Designs


I’ve told you why we (mostly) don’t use electronics on road trips and try to use more old-school games and fun instead.  Today, I’m showing you how we keep all our individual tween gear from spreading all over the car never to be found again.  It’s as easy as a 1/2″ binder, a 3-hole punch, and some craft supplies.


Make a tween vacation travel binder using spare craft supplies. Tutorial and travel game printables at

Tween travel binder cover supplies. |Carla Schauer Designs

To Make a Road Trip Travel Binder

Start with an 8.5×11″ piece of cardstock and some flat embellishments.  Die-cut pieces, stickers, washi tape, and markers all work well for this project.  They can be travel themed, or whatever extra supplies you have on hand.  I used pre-made travel cardstock and washi tape for my example, and hand-cut the title from patterned paper.  Have your tweens decorate their binder covers, and set the cover aside to dry if necessary.


Tween travel scavenger hunt and vacation binder from

Fill travel binder with printable travel games.


Favorite Travel Tips for Tweens |Carla Schauer Designs blog

While the cover is drying, the kids can 3-hole punch and fill the binders with printable travel scavenger hunts, travel bingo and other travel games, along with some blank paper for drawing.   Print, punch, and add Travel Journal Pages for each day of travel and vacation.  To contain maps, brochures, and other small souvenir doo-dads picked up along the way, hole-punch an 8.5×11″ manila envelope and add to the back of the binder.  If you have an artsy tween, adding a zipper pouch in the front of the binder to hole colored pencils.


Add an envelope for souvenirs to your tween vacation travel binder. Instructions and printables at

Tween travel binder envelope. | Carla Schauer Designs


With 15 minutes of craft and prep time, your tweens have a set of activities for your road trip to keep them busy and entertained without spending the entire trip connected to a screen.

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Road Trip Travel Binder for Tweens — 5 Comments

  1. This is such a great idea! Long rides can get boring very quickly, even with smartphones and tablets to keep us busy. Using a travel binder like this to prevent that from happening while keeping the activities relevant to the trip helps to keep your child involved in the journey and maybe even help boost their interest in the trip itself.

  2. Thanks for this great resource. We are headed to Denver the day after Christmas and it’s an 8 hour drive. I think I’m going to make these for all my kiddos (age 13 down to 7) and wrap them up as a Christmas gift!

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