DIY Coastal Art Canvases

Paint coastal decor canvases and add beach finds for beachy home decor. Tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs

I’m a beach girl at heart.  But until retirement or I win the lottery, my art studio overlooking the ocean remains a dream.  In the meantime, I spend my days being creative in Ohio, and indulging my love of the ocean in my home decor.  With 3 canvases and a little acrylic paint, you can make custom decor that showcases your beach finds.  Since there is no wrong way to … Continue reading →

Create a Marshmallow Pop Display Container

Halloween pop display box with free printable from Carla Schauer Designs

Marshmallow and cake pops are lots of fun to eat and look great, but displaying them on the buffet table can be a challenge. As part of a “Popcorn Box Challenge”, I created a little Halloween box perfect for serving decorated marshmallow (or cake) pops, and added a free printable as well. I started by painting the popcorn box orange, using a mixture of Bright Orange and Burnt Orange acrylic … Continue reading →

Make a Cheer-Themed Clock

Cheer themed clock DIY from Carla Schauer Designs

Transform a $2 Ikea clock into this colorful cheer-themed version using buttons, ribbon and “Me & My Peeps” decals (designed by my friend Laura Kelly).  Plus, there’s a giveaway at the end of the post! I started the project with a plain RUSCH clock from Ikea, with a white face, and black numbers and hands.  It was functional, but not very pretty–a perfect surface to add some creativity and color! … Continue reading →

Upcycled Paper and Ribbon Tags-Tag Tuesday

Upcycled brown paper gift tags from jen goode

Today’s Tag Tuesday comes from guest poster Jen Goode of JGoode Designs, and features brown paper bags turned into gift tags. What a great idea! Here is what Jen had to say about her paper and ribbon tags: “I love making things with brown paper.  It’s simple, yet a warm cozy color that you can easily turn into something elegant. These tags were created using an array of ribbons, glue … Continue reading →

Upcycled Crafts for Earth Day

Upcycling, recycling, and repurposing found or used items into craft projects is a great way to keep interesting items on display and out of a landfill.  Whether used in home decor designs or gift items, as focal points or as project bases, using rescued items helps save money, and the planet! Just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd, I’m sharing 2 crafty projects featuring upcycled and found items. … Continue reading →