I am a scaredy-cat.  I freely admit to hating scary movies, haunted houses, anything with blood, and all monsters scarier than Grover from Sesame Street.  So when I decorate for Halloween, I stick to fun.

DIY Halloween Potion Bottle tutorial from carlaschauer.com

These Halloween potion bottles fit the bill perfectly.  The matte black bottles contrast with the sparkly silver buckles (inspired by witch’s shoes)and look mystical instead of creepy. With just a wave of your magic spray can and a little embellishment Hocus Pocus, you can make potion bottles in under 15 minutes.

How to make Halloween Potion Bottles from Carla Schauer Designs

I started with a variety of glass and plastic bottles I have collected.  Many are old craft product packaging, one is from a candle I never burned, and one is an old vinegar bottle.  One of the bottles is glued to a glass candlestick for height. (Savings tip: keep clean, empty food jars and find great shaped bottles at dollar-type stores to fill in.)

Spray painted Halloween potion bottles from carlaschauer.com

Two coats of matte black spray paint gave the bottles exactly the look I wanted. (I used 2-1 Paint & Primer by Krylon.) It works well for both glass and plastic.

DIY Halloween potion bottle buckles tutorial from carlaschauer.com

While the paint was drying, I made my silver “buckles” using premade chipboard squares.  You could also cut or punch your own if you don’t have premade ones handy.  A Silver Leafing Pen (also from Krylon) gave the chipboard squares their metallic look.

Decorating potion bottle DIY tutorial from carlaschauer.com

I also wired together a little metal frog, some crystal-looking beads, and a black feather to make a “charm” with a loop, threaded it on some black fiber, and hung it from one of the bottles.  The No. 9 was written directly on the painted bottle with the leafing pen, and the buckles glued on.  A few extra pieces of twine and fiber wrapped around other bottles completed my Halloween potions.

Painted Magic Potion Bottles for Halloween

That’s it!  Non-scary, Magical Halloween Potions in minutes!  For more Halloween DIY, check out the rest of the Craft Lightning projects by clicking on the button below:

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