Nom, chomp, munch munch munch.  Ears first!  Doesn’t everyone eat their chocolate bunnies that way?  I’m celebrating this Easter favorite with some bunny bite art and a bit of snark to go with it.  Download these Funny Chocolate Bunny Printables later in the post and add them to some chocolate kisses for a silly spring gift.


"Bite Me" Chocolate Candy Jar with free printable candy labels. Hilarious! |

“Bite Me” Chocolate Candy Jar


These sweet little labels (see what I did there?) are designed to be added to the bottom of a chocolate kiss, but you could also wrap mini bars with colored card stock and and add the circles to the top.  Punch out the printed circles using a 3/4″ circle punch and attach with Glue Dots or double sided tape.


Free printable funny chocolate bunny candy labels. Carla Schauer Designs

Attach printable labels to candy wrappers.


Pop those decorated treats into a mini-jar or glassine bag, and tie on the chompy-eared bunny gift tag for an adorable gift your favorite snark fan will love.

or stealthily fill the office candy bowl with some funny bunnies, just for giggles.


Funny Chocolate Bunny Printables. "Bite Me" candy labels would be hilarious for my BFF! free labels from


Get the “Bite Me” Funny Chocolate Bunny Printables

Download Art by Carla Schauer







You’re turn! Easter is this month’s creative challenge. What are you going to create?

Easter Creative Challenge

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Thanks for stopping by!  I can’t wait to see what you make with this month’s creative challenge.



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