Road trips are in my DNA.  I can pack a car like I’m playing luggage Tetris.  I know all the fun things to see when we stop for food, and have enough provisions packed that we never have to stop and see them.

You know how we always say we won’t turn into our parents?  That we’ll do things differently, and never EVER do what made us roll our eyes as kids all those years ago?

Please tell me I’m not the only one out here making my kids’ eyes roll.

Printable Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt from Carla Schauer Designs. Your kids will thank you later.


You see, I make my kids turn off their electronic devices in the car during road trips and play silly games, just like my parents made me do.  Of course I was turning off my Walkman, and they have tiny mini computers.  But I remember thinking my grumpy teenager thoughts, just like I can see my own tweens and teen thinking theirs.

And like my mother, I don’t care. Isn’t it great to be the parent?


Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens

The best thing about having tweens and teens is that the games can get more complex than the standard travel bingo game with pictures, and that they still get a kick out of a all things gross and goofy.  So a travel scavenger hunt that combines harder items to find with some that are funny and kind of icky?  Perfect! I make a new scavenger hunt list every year with some old favorites from my own childhood hunts and some new silly things to find.

Here’s this year’s list, as a free printable, so you can annoy your tweens and teens too.  Use the download button below.  **Then get the new updated list**

Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens from Carla Schauer Designs at

Printable Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens

Download Art by Carla Schauer


2017 Updated List

I have updated my travel scavenger hunt for tweens, with a brand new list of items to find on your next road trip. Once you’ve downloaded this version, download the updated road trip scavenger hunt for teens and tweens.  I’ve created a brand new blog called Meander & Coast where you’ll find all kinds of new ideas and tips on traveling with teens.


Travel Scavenger Hunt Rules

I do strongly suggest defining your rules beforehand, to avoid arguing.  Yours may vary, but our rules have always been:

  • Everyone finds their own item in it’s own place.  One construction site can’t give everyone an orange construction barrel
  • Finds must be verified by another passenger to prevent cheating.  This might seem like an opportunity for someone else to deny seeing an item, but this resolves itself as they realize this works both ways.
  • Only items seen during actual travel get marked as found.  Food or bathroom stops where we are out of the car are “game pauses”.
  • Game begins once everyone has had a chance to read the list, and ends when our destination has been reached.  Most items found wins.


Free Printable Travel Scavenger Hunt for Tweens from


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Why don’t we take the easy route with headphones, DVDs and electronics for everyone? Well, we do.  Sometimes. I enjoy sanity as much as everyone.

My mom once convinced my dad to turn around and backtrack 10 miles because she wanted us to see an alligator by the side of the road “in the wild”.  That alligator turned out to be an old blown tire by the side of the road and made family history.  “Florida alligator” (old tire) now holds a permanent spot on our own family travel scavenger hunt lists, and a permanent spot in our Griswold-esque family vacation hall of fame. We have a million of those.  I want my own kids to remember silly family stories and pass them to their own children someday.

Remember when we all sat next to each other wearing our headphones and playing Minecraft for 12 hours?   Nope.  Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So I’ll just keep annoying my kids and making their eyes roll until they can do it to their own kids on some future road trip.  Because I hope they will.

It’s in their DNA.


Family road trips make memories

Niagara Falls Road Trip Awesomeness

Note: Mom was taking photo, and chose my hairstyle. Isn’t she great?

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up to the Creative Exchange! I love this idea it is perfect! Seriously. We drove a total of 7 hours over the weekend in our vehicle that doesn’t have a tv. It would have come in handy! Thanks again!

  2. Hahaha…some of the items on your list just cracked me up…”wash me” and a driver picking his nose were my favorites. In fact, I just saw a driver picking his nose the other day!

  3. You have your Florida Alligator, we had our “Texas Armadillo” that my Mom pointed out and made us go back to see. Yes it was re-tread from a semi ‘s tire. Now even my Grandkids point out an Armadillo when traveling. The oldest of which was mighty surprised when we saw some real ones in Florida last year. Road trips/moves as military brats who moved a lot were awesome to me. Now I travel by car or motorcycle as often as I can. Thanks for your posts

  4. Oh my goodness thank you for this scavenger hunt. I have 2 teens and they will love this! I love your reason for trying to avoid the electronics, DVDs I feel the same way.

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